Ballroom Dance Competitions!

Do you dream of dressing up, having fun, meeting new friends, dancing all day, and traveling the world?
Then Ballroom Dance Competitions are for you!

Ballroom Dance Competitions are held every single weekend of the year!  With so many options and unforgettable experiences waiting for you, its time to pack your bags and prepare for an amazing weekend dance adventure!

Many people believe that you must be a professional or extremely experienced dancer to compete.  NOT IN BALLROOM!  These incredible events are organized for EVERYONE!  No matter your age, experience, level of dancing, or location; YOU DONT HAVE TO BE THE ONLY ONE LEFT OUT OF THE FUN!

You can compete with a fellow student (amateur) or with your professional instructor as your partner (pro/am)!!!!

Imagine having your hair and make up professionally done! After stepping into your beautiful dress or tuxedo!  Don’t forget your dancing shoes!  You will then walk into a magical world filled with music, dancing, rhinestones, entertainment, friends, dinners, and special events!

Whether you’ve been dancing for weeks, months, or years; Ballroom Dance Competitions have divisions and categories for everyone.  Organizers make sure to keep everything fair with different age categories and levels.  This simply means that you will only dance against others close to your own age, the same level of dancing, and the same amount of experience as you!

There is nothing more rewarding than challenging yourself and proving how amazing you truly are!



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