Capital Dance Sport Championship

Beautiful Evening of Dance
With video from SuperShag
The Capital Dancesport concluded yesterday with a beautiful evening of dance and entertainment. As usual the night was dedicated to the four professional events and it ran like clockwork. The competition with the most excitement and suspense was the Ballroom where three very talented couples continued to fight for top position: Mikhail Avdeev & Olga Blinova, Artem Plakhotnyi & Inna Berlizyeva and Andrea & Iveta Faraci. This night the judges favored Andrea & Iveta they won three dances and placed second in the foxtrot and quickstep, second went to Artem & Iveta who placed second in W,T third in VW,F and won the quickstep. Third went to Mikhail & Olga who were awarded 3rd in W,T,Q second in the VW and first in foxtrot. If you are scratching your head don’t blame the judges, the three couples danced extremely well and we too could not make up our mind.