Dance Coaching – you already dance, but need that extra something special?
Come for a coaching session at Imperial Ballroom Dance Company Studio!

Dance Coaching sessions are one of the best ways to improve your dancing quickly.  There are many ways to have a dance coaching session with the professionals at Imperial Ballroom:

Couples Coaching: Do you dance with an amateur or professional partner already?  Coaching sessions are a great way to improve your dancing by having someone on the outside watching your dancing.  There are certain mistakes and improper technique that can easily be over looked by anyone during dancing; this is because when you are in dance position, it can be difficult to spot errors that your partner is making because your bodies are together and out of view.  A coach is able to view your dancing from a judges point of view and help you correct your mistakes.

Individual/Gender Specific Dance Coaching:  Have you ever seen another dancer and though “I want to look like that!”?  Taking a coaching lesson with Imperial’s top-ranked professionals will help you to create your own special image.  Whether you are in need of arm styling, body movement, musicality, facial expressions, connection, or technique; Working with someone of the same gender will help you to feel more confident and learn exactly what you should be doing on the dance floor.

Special Guest Dance Coachings: Imperial Ballroom Dance Company is very proud to frequently host some of the world’s best dance coaches and dance judges.  Find out EXACTLY what they are looking for on the dance floor, and what is going to make you stand out from the rest.  Whether you need help with choreography or fine tuning your existing routines, the special guest coaches of Imperial Ballroom can help.
Previous/Future Guest Coaches at Imperial Ballroom Dance Company include: Igor Suvorov, Paul Holmes, Lorraine Barry, Jonathan Roberts, Giaccomo Steccaglia, Thomas Lewandowski, Corky Ballas, Forrest Vance, and many more!



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