How to Plan Your Wedding Dance

If it is your wedding coming up in the next few days, it is very much likely that you may have countless plans floating through your mind to make the big day a truly memorable one. This may not only because you wish to make this day unforgettable for yourself and your partner but for others as well, who would be there to join you on the all-important occasion. One activity that can surely add more hype to the occasion is wife and husband dancing together accompanied by many other couples, who would probably be there to enjoy the party.


Wedding dance is particularly considered as one of the most important events that take place in a wedding and is also perhaps one of the most awaited ones. However, you must remember that a wedding dance is not like every other dance so you need to be a bit thoughtful in this regard. When people see couples dancing, it just does not appear to be romantic, but also, a symbolic act for both of them. For sure, this dance is one of the most awaited highlights of a wedding that is not admired by the two tying wedding knot but also the companions.

If you are in the process to plan your wedding dance, there are a few important things you need to take into account. First of all, wedding dance is usually a kind of slow dancing, a blend of intimacy and art. This is the reason why this dance must not be taken for granted. Nevertheless, many couples only treat their wedding dances as a part of ceremonial proceeding. Hence, this attitude actually does not make their dance all that much memorable. Given below are some tips for couples and also the participants on how to dance on your wedding better.

First learn how to dance

Not everyone is born with natural talent in dancing, but this is a skill that can be learned through some good practice and willingness. It may be a good idea to take some dance classes to achieve some perfection, but at the same time it will be rather foolish to spend too much preparing for wedding dance. Make sure that whatever you do should not make you go short on your wedding expense budget.

Pay attention to Song Selection

This is probably the most important thing that you should consider before you go ahead and plan your wedding dance. Carefully search over the Internet and select some of the best and famous wedding songs really appeal you and your partner. It doesn’t matter if it is a buoyant or slow song, but make sure the lyrics are really heart-touching for you and your partner, such that if the song was specifically written for you both. Remember to avoid overdoing anything and choose something that is not too lengthy, as you don’t want to end up boring your guests.

Watch Dance videos

It is quite possible that you may not have time to go for dance classes and make yourself properly prepare for the wedding dance. In such a scenario you are left with two possible options. Either you can simply hire a professional dance instructor or watch some videos to get some inkling about the particular dance type. This will not happen overnight that you become a good dancer so you will have to practice under supervision of a dance instructor and watch the videos regularly whenever you get to have time.

Synchronize Dance with Song & Bride’s Dress

The dress of the bride would certainly determine what dance steps she can perform with comfort. In this case, be wise when you plan your wedding dance, and particularly choose the one with slower paces such as waltz or foxtrot. It would be very detrimental for the bride if she is not able to dance comfortably which would spoil the moment for both of you. Hence, be careful and try not to overlook this fact.

Avoid Overspending

Some couples zealously celebrating their weddings go on to over spend which is something very common. As a newly married couple, make sure that you don’t face any financial problems at the early stage of your married life. Although a memorable wedding dance is desirable, but there is no need to spend thousands of dollars just for the preparation. You can learn about dancing by sitting at your home by seeking services of a dance instructor or simply watching dance videos online.

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