Learn to Dance

I know that we have all had this predicament. We are ready to go out on a date, or you saw someone dancing at the local night club or bar and now you would like to start learning to but just don’t know where to start.  I understand, and have been there before myself. We all put our best foot forward, and then when the moment comes up we back out of it. We don’t have to do that anymore, sure we think it’s too expensive and it’s only one time. It’s not true, dance is not only for the one time. It’s an all the time event, you learn posture, you learn self confidence. And this transcends into the people around or that meet you in person.

If you’re a lady it’s great for that guy that you wanted to show how you can “Dance like the Stars”, or Salsa And for the guys, we all know that girls love to see a guy being able to really swing his hips or know how to make a woman twirl. They see the confidence and the stamina, which is a big part of dancing. Losing weight, standing straight, exercising is all part of dancing.

We’re running a great New Comers Special     5 Classes for $55

Try it out, see if you like it. Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced. We’re here for you…

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