Sami Rosenfield at Fox10

   Sami Rosenfield has only been training for three years, but she’s already taking home top prizes at competitions,
sometimes even outperforming the adults. And you can see her, and other aspiring professionals compete on a national level, locally here in Scottsdale.

With her graceful lines and precision execution, it is no surprise that 12-year-old Sami Rosenfield is a dancer.
But while other kids tap and pirouette, Sami’s heart belongs to the ballroom.

“I just feel like I’m in a whole different world, it’s just nothing can go wrong even if I mess up,” said Sami Rosenfield.
Sami has been training in international latin ballroom dance for three years. She takes weekly classes at the Imperial Ballroom Dancing Center in Scottsdale.

Sami Rosenfield: international latin ballroom dance competitor
“I was watching, So You Think You Can Dance, and there were two dancers who were already ballroom dancers. I just tried to copy absolutely everything they did,
and so my mom decided to sign me up,” said Sami.

Sami and her coach Oleksii Lytvyn compete as a Pro-Am team across the western United States performing the cha-cha, Samba, Rumba, Pasa Doble, and Jive.

“She’s a hard worker, it’s like always fun to dance, and teach her, she listens, she’s an amazing dancer, and I hope she’s going to be an amazing dancer in the future,” said Lytvyn.

Sami recently competed in a national competition in California where she placed first in all of the ten dances. Next month she’ll compete in Scottsdale at another national competition.

“She’s learning how to be confident with herself and those around her, and just accepting herself for who she is,” said AJ Rosenfield, Sami’s mom.

Sami will continue to compete as an amateur until she qualifies to go pro. And though that may be years away, she already has a couple of dream partners in mind.

“Derek Hough and Val Chmerkovskiy, they are both so amazing,” said Sami.