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Name: Roland Kyle

Age:  21

Occupation: Student 

What made you want to begin Ballroom Dancing?

“I started dancing because It was offered as a mandatory elective class at my high school.”

How would you describe yourself outside of dance?

“I am quiet.  I was told that I was too relaxed.  I also play hockey.”

How does dancing make you feel?

“Dancing makes me feel like I am striving for more; because i want to be better tomorrow than i am today.”

What has dancing brought to your life?

 “character- it builds a lot of character.  happiness.  Dancing has also inspired a future career option for me.”

Why Imperial Ballroom Dance Center?

“I have stayed at IBDC because it has the best coaches without having to move away from my family.  actually its not even that, they are just the best coaches, period. When i first started dancing, I didn’t know many high-level professionals, but I had heard of Artem and Inna.  I feel so lucky that I get to dance with Inna.”

Any advice to a new student?

“Always strive for more.  ask questions & practice!”