Wedding Dance-Your day, your song, your love.  Make it the fairy tale dance you always dreamt about!

Let the professionals at Imperial Ballroom Dance Company make your first steps together amazing and memorable.
You’re in the spotlight with your special someone… How do you imagine it?  The instructors at Imperial Ballroom are professionals and experienced in teaching couples to dance together!
We custom tailor a dance as unique as your love.  Whether you dream of a beautiful traditional dance or something fun to really “WOW” your guests, we can make it a reality!  Instructors take many factors into your dancing including: dance floor size, music, dress movement, shoes, and more.

Get the whole party involved!

Make your special day different than everyone else’s!  Imperial Ballroom Dance Center can provide you with a father/daughter dance, mother/son dance, or even a routine for your whole wedding party!
Want to get all of your guests on their feet?  Easy!  The professionals at Imperial Ballroom will teach you a fun easy line dance that everyone can participate it!

Discounted Wedding Packages Available!  Call today for more details!

Can we use a specific song? Yes!  We want to add to your special day, and bring life to a song that represents your new life together! Even if you cant make up your mind between songs, the instructors at Imperial Ballroom Dance Center can help.  Every song has a different rhythm and tempo, therefore each song can be used for different dances.  Sometimes, it is a good idea to have 2-3 songs in mind in order to find a dance, rhythm, and speed that is comfortable for you to dance together!
What if we don’t have a song?  No problem!  The professionals at Imperial Ballroom Dance Center are more than happy to make recommendations.  During your lessons, you will be taught a few different dances that typically match most songs.  Once you know how to dance, all you have to do is play some music to it!  Its that easy!
When should we start?  Right NOW!  Often, people believe that it is best to wait until right before the wedding to take dance lessons.  This is a major disadvantage to you!  With dancing, it takes time and practice.  You want to get started as soon as you can!  We recommend that you begin taking lessons and continue until you are comfortable dancing together and satisfied with your results.  From there, you can always use leftover time to simply practice at home, and its one less detail to be concerned about as the big day approaches.  Also, generally the closer that you get to your big day, the less free time you have to come for lessons!  When it comes to your wedding, the last thing you want is to be stressing over your first dance; it is a much better idea to start early so that you do not have to worry about squeezing in lessons, and still making mistakes a week before the big day!  Starting early will guarantee a beautiful dance that will live on forever in your wedding video and pictures!