Another Transformative Lesson With Toni

Another Transformative Lesson With Toni

Seriously people.  You are missing out.

I’m getting to hog Toni all to myself.

I’m going to a “group class” that just happens to be a private lesson at this point because others haven’t caught on to one of the best kept secret at Imperial Ballroom Dance Center   And although I love it, I know that a “group class” can’t survive with just one person!  Where are you?  What are you waiting for?

Me, well, I’m taking advantage.  I’ve now had two, count ‘em, two, private lessons with the gorgeous, and amazing, and fun, and sparkling, and effervescent, and knowledgable, and master teacher, Miss Toni.

I’m not exaggerating.

She has helped me change the way my dancing looks in less than 2 hours.

Who does that?  Who can claim that? She is just that good.

Not only is it because she is a fabulous dancer herself, but it is also because she has taken the time and effort to dissect every movement in such a way that she can describe it, and communicate it, dancer to dancer.  She explains it in such a way that I can understand it and immediately execute it…perhaps not perfectly, but at least it is in my brain.  It is there.

This time, she tells me about the “Betty Boop” step.  My Cha Cha will never be the same.

Actually, I’m quite excited.  Why?  Because Ivan doesn’t know about this little situation and he’s not tech-savvy.  He doesn’t read my silly blog on a regular basis.  Of course he knows that I go to Imperial.  This is no breach in disclosure or integrity.  But I haven’t bothered to inform him about every single little group class I take.  I take a ton of them weekly because I want to shed weight and be a better dancer.  Like, I’m not going to tell him that I’m going to Zumba on Thursday, or something.  I just go and sweat, and learn.

But with Toni, well…Ivan always tells me I should surprise him.

He says, “You too nice!  You too sweet!  It’s boring!  Show me something different.”

Ha ha ha.

Be careful what you wish for……

Ivan just might be surprised when we do the dances Toni and I have worked on.

And I appreciate that.  So much.  Why?  Because I’ve spent countless hours in front of the mirror noticing that something doesn’t look quite right but I can’t place my finger on it and therefore can’t change it.  Also, I’ve spent countless hours on YouTube watching videos of the professionals, loving the way they move and wanting to emulate it, but falling short.

Not any one person has all the answers, but Toni has quite a few, at least to the questions I’m asking.

I appreciate her a ton.

So, really now, I will continue to be the only person to show up as long as I can.  I am getting WAY more value than I paid in dollars for.  Why am I writing this blog post anyways?  Sheesh!  I should just keep my mouth shut and continue to get private lessons for group lesson prices.

Well, actually no.  I shouldn’t.  Why?  Because Toni has so much to offer and I believe others could really benefit from being with her in dance class.  And also because she is worth more than I can pay her regularly, alone.

I know it won’t last, but I’m enjoying it while it does.