Dore Designs

Made for movement, durability and and comfort. Practice makes perfect, but practice in style makes the process of perfection a bit more inspirational. Dancers are the inspiration of the world, so why not feel comfortable when you practice to conquer one? All your heart desires is here.

Ballroom Playlist


Ballroom Play List is wonderful mechanism for dance music. Get the latest music for yourself and for your studio.Brent Mills is director/creator of Ballroom Play List!

Park West Photography

The Best Company in Competition, Show Case, Party’s and Wedding  Photography. Park West Photography based in Phoenix Arizona. Albert and Patricia take Special Approach to each picture they take. They spend hours working on the shot to make customer Satisfy!

DanceLife USA

Dancelife is committed to dancing. Our dedication and knowledge forms the foundation of a worldwide organization that provides dancers with everything they need during their dancing career. We are all about giving the dancers the opportunity to use honest, high quality and innovative products against competitive prices. Because of our professional attitude, huge knowledge and our empathy towards dancing we are internationally recognized as a leading company in the dancing industry.

Dancelife offers an incredible variety of high quality Men’s, Ladies, and Children’s Ballroom Dancing Shoes and Accessories; such as Kimonos, Tracksuits, Heel Protectors, Shoe Brushes, & much more!