Congratulation to Artem Plakhotnyi and Inna Berlizyeva

The Open Ballroom division also took place this night and it went to Artem Plakhotnyi & Inna Berlizyeva who took first in all dances with the majority of firsts. We had a number of judges awarding them second or less, perhaps their worst judge was Mr. Peter Eggleton who awarded them (4,6,5,5,6). There was a lot to cover in this final for us there was just a few people that exceled in this event and we will tell you who and why later but for now lets leave it at this: Andrey Begunov & Anna Demidova placed second in every dance, Egor Abashkin & Katia Kanevskaya were third (4,3,4,3,3), Richard Tonizzo & Clair Hansen from Canada were fourth (3,4,3,4,4), Andrey & Yuliya Klinchik were fifth (5,5,6,5,5) and sixth was awarded to Basil Issaev & Liene Apale (6,6,5,6,6).