Congratulation to IBDC Team at Holiday Dance Classic!

Congratulation to IBDC Team at Holiday Dance Classic!

Past weekend was Holiday Dance Classic in Las Vegas-Tropicana Hotel. Our Imperial Ballroom Dance Team did amazing job!!! Here is some results from HOLIDAY DANCE CLASSIC CHAMPIONSHIPS:

Egor Abashkin and Colette Marotto Open A International Ballroom 

egor and colette

Slow Waltz   2nd

Tango  3rd

V. Waltz  3rd

Foxtrot  2nd

Quickstep  2nd

Open Scholarship      🙂








Egor Abashkin and Elka Hristova  Open B International Ballroom

Egor and Elka

Tango  5th

V. Waltz  7th

Foxtrot  7th

Quickstep  5th

Open Scholarship Q final











Oleksii Lytvyn and Colette Marotto Open B International Latin 

oleksii and colette

Cha-Cha  4th

Samba  4th

Rumba   3rd

Paso Double   2nd

Jive   2nd

Open Scholarship   S Finale





















Oleksii Lytvyn and Loretta Haugen Senior 2 Closed Bronze


Jive 2nd  and 3rd

Cha-Cha  1st and 4th

Samba  2nd  and 4th

Rumba  1st and 3rd

Paso Double 1st   and 3rd

Senior 2 International Latin Scholarship Place 1st

















Oleksii Lytvyn and Bobbi Knight Open A International Latin

Oleksii and Bobbi

Cha-cha   3rd

Samba   6th

Paso Double  5th

Jive   5th

Open Scholarship S final



















Oleksii Lytvyn and Tammy Knight Open C International Latin

Tammy and Oleksii

Cha-cha  3rd

Samba  4th

Rumba  4th

Jive  5th

Open Scholarship  6th Place








Oleksiy Buravenko and Ashley Kunihiro  Open A International Ballroom

Oleksiy and Ashley


Slow Waltz  1st

Tango  2nd

V. Waltz  1st

Foxtrot  1st

Quickstep   1st

Open Championship 3rd

Open Scholarship 2nd place





Donovan Dominguez and Beatriz Colon-Cintron Open B American Rhythm  and Smooth

Donovan and Beatriz

Am. Cha-cha  1st  and 2nd

Am. Rumba   1st and  2nd

Bolero  1st  and 1st

Swing  1st  and 1st

Mambo  1st  and 1st

American Rhythm Championship  3rd place

Open Rhythm Scholarship 7th place

Am. Waltz  2nd  and 3rd

Am. Tango  2nd  and 2nd

Am. Foxtrot 2nd  and 3rd

Am V. Waltz  2nd  and 3rd

Smooth Championship and Scholarship S final


Oleksiy Pigotskyy and Ching Ying-Yen Closed Silver C Division

Ching and Alex

Waltz  5th

Tango   4th

V.Waltz   4th

Foxtrot  4th

Quickstep  5th

Closed Silver Scholarship  S final





Imperial Ballroom Dance Company want to Congratulate our IBDC Team with another Successful Dance Competition! We really proud of you !

Next Stop is Masquerade Ball and Gala Dinner December 18 2016 at The Scottsdale Resort McCormick Ranch !

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