Group Classes week 7/23 – 7/27



Don’t miss our fantastic group classes this week at Imperial Ballroom Dance Center!

July 23 – July 27 Group Classes

Monday, July 23rd, 7 – 7:45PM-  Beginner Group Class, Foxtrot & Samba with Igor (Cost: $15 drop-in)
Tuesday, July 24th, 7 – 7:45PM-  Advanced Standard with Igor (Cost: $30 or $50 for both standard and latin class)
                           7:45PM – 8:30PM:  Advanced Latin class with Igor
Wednesday, July 25th, 7 – 7:45PM-  Beginner Group Class, Quickstep & Mambo with Toni (Cost: $15 drop-in)
Friday, July 27th, 7 – 7:45PM- Beginner Group Class, Salsa & East Coast Swing with Igor (Cost: $15 drop-in)

August Summer Dance Party!
Please join us for our FREE Summer dance party!
Friday August 3rd, 7 – 7:45PM, free Salsa & Merengue dance lesson
Special Performances and Social Dancing!!!
Call us at 480.201.5726 to RSVP

See you on the dance floor!