Results for Ballroom Beach Bash Competition

Congratulation to IBDC Team!

Sue and Alex P.

– First in all Single Dances (1)

-L-C Pro/Am Open Smooth DSQ Championship Second Place (2)

L-C Pro/Am Open Smooth Scholarship Second Place (2)


Jan and Alex P.

– Second in all Single Dances (2)

L-SR Pro/Am Closed Silver DSQ Ballroom 4 Dance Seventh Place(7)

L- Pro/Am Masters Open Ballroom 3 Dance First Place (1)

Ching and Alex P.

– Second Place in Two Single Dances (2)

-Third Place in Two Single Dances (3)

L-C Pro/Am Closed Silver Ballroom Scholarship Fourth Place (4)

Imperial Ballroom Dance Company is Proud of you .