What to Expect from Group Ballroom Dance Lessons

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What to Expect from Group Ballroom Dance Lessons

Learning to Dance Does Not Have to be Scary

Many people who want to learn ballroom dancing are too shy to try a group class. However, they can be a lot of fun.

Group ballroom dance lessons are a fun way for two people to strengthen their bond or just enjoy each other’s company. It is also a way for singles to meet other people and make new friends. Either way, they are learning a skill and getting some exercise. However, the thought of taking group ballroom dance lessons can be intimidating for someone who has never done anything like that before.

While the thought of learning how to ballroom dance in front of a group of people might seem scary, it really is not. Knowing what to expect can help to ease the anxiety, but getting through the first class is often all that is needed to realize that group ballroom dance lessons are really quite fun.

Group Ballroom Dance Lessons: Everyone is in it Together

What is possibly the most important thing to remember about group ballroom dancing lessons is that everyone is there for the same reason: to learn to dance. Most of them do not know how already, or they would not be in a beginning class. They are generally so focused on learning the steps themselves, they are not watching anyone else. By the time they advance to the next level, they feel quite comfortable in the dance class environment.

How Group Ballroom Dance Lessons Work

While every teacher and every studio has their own ideas on how to teach ballroom dancing, group lessons generally follow a similar format. The teacher will separate the men and women and teach each group their steps for a pattern (one ballroom dance step, also sometimes called a figure), then men and women will pair up and learn to dance the pattern together. The teacher will demonstrate and answer questions.

One of the wonderful aspects of ballroom dancing is that it is performed with a partner. By contrast, one of the biggest problems with ballroom dancing is that it is danced with a partner! Steps that were easy to dance solo often become difficult when the dancer is attached to another person. The teacher will help the class sort through that so each couple can work as a team.

Changing Partners in a Group Ballroom Dance Classes

One aspect of group ballroom dancing classes that some people find intimidating is the practice of trading partners, which dance teachers will often instruct the class to do. However, this is an important part of learning to ballroom dance. Because these dances are improvised rather than two people performing memorized choreography, changing partners helps to improve leading and following skills. In addition, if a dancer is struggling with learning a concept, dancing with other people who have already learned it will help. Couples who refuse to change partners often fall behind the rest of the class., and dancing with a variety of partners is commonly accepted at ballroom dances—and part of the fun of the sport.

Learning any new skill can be both fun and frustrating. However, knowing what to expect from group ballroom dance lessons can make learning this skill just a little less painful.